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6 Questions to Ask Before Buying SR22 Insurance in Texas

SR22 insurance in Texas

Has the state ordered you to obtain SR22 insurance in Texas because of your traffic violations or a DUI? Are you curious about what an SR22 even is and why you need it?

If you are trying to obtain insurance with an SR22 and have difficulty finding a reasonable rate or an insurance company to accept you, you need to keep reading below. We will break down what an SR22 is and what you need to know about obtaining one.

What Is an SR22?

An SR22, also known as a certificate of financial responsibility, is a form filed with your state to prove that you have the minimum coverages required by law.

In Texas, the required minimums are:

  • $25,000 of property damage liability coverage
  • $30,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per person
  • $60,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per accident

If you cancel your insurance policy or allow it to lapse, your insurer must report to the state that you do not have auto insurance. If the courts find out that you without insurance, you will have your license and registration suspended.

SR22 is not a type of insurance as most people think; it is a court or state-ordered document you will need to have filed with your insurance company if you have a DUI or DWI conviction.

Other reasons why you would need an SR22:

  • Too many at-fault accidents
  • Too many traffic violations
  • Driving without enough or any insurance

How Do I Get an SR22?

Not all insurance companies offer SR22 form filings, but a few specialize in those forms and who can help you out. In the state of Texas, once you purchase an auto insurance policy, your insurer will electronically file your SR22 insurance in Texas form and send it to the department of motor vehicles on your behalf.

You may be charged a fee between $15-$50 from your insurer for them to file your form. If there any additional costs, your insurer will also let you know.

What Is SR22A?

In specific states, the court may require you to obtain an SR22-A instead of an SR22 to reinstate your license. Texas is one of the states that a court may order you to have an SR22-A instead of an SR22. This type of filing requires you to pay in six-month installments instead of the regular monthly billing that usually comes with an SR22.

How Long Is SR22 Insurance Required?

Each state is different in regards to how long you have to have SR22 insurance coverage. In the state of Texas, you must have coverage for at least two years.

SR22 Insurance Rates

The cost of insurance for a policy from an SR22 insurance provider costs more than a standard policy because you are a higher risk. It is essential to do your research and compare different SR22 insurance rates in Texas to make sure that you get the best rate possible.

Different Types of Insurance

There are three types of SR22 certificates that you can use based on your current circumstance; owner, non-owner, and owner/operator. The three different certificates are based on your vehicle ownership status.

Owner Certificate

The owner certificate is required for anyone who owns the vehicle they are driving and insuring under their auto insurance policy. If you already have insurance on your car, but you are not carrying enough coverage, you will need to contact your insurer to add the SR22 owner certificate. If you do not have any active insurance, you will need to purchase a new policy and make that new insurer aware that you need an SR22.

Non-Owner Certificate

If you are a licensed driver, but you do not own a vehicle, a non-owner certificate is what you will need to file. Non-owner SR22s are typically cheaper than owner certificates because you will only need to carry liability insurance on your policy.

Owner/Operator Certificate

This type of SR22 tends to be more expensive than the other types of certificates because this covers vehicles that you own and those you don’t own but still operate. It is important to file this type of certificate to have the appropriate coverage if you know that you will be operating several other vehicles.

What if I Need to Move States?

If you have to move in the middle of your SR22 filing period, you must follow the state’s requirements that first required you to file the certificate.

For example, if you had to file in Texas and move to a state that does not require an SR22 like New York, you will still need to maintain your SR22. If you move to a state that also requires an SR22, you may have to fill out an affidavit stating you will continue to have the SR22 on file from the state you moved from.

Sr22 Insurance in Texas

Sr22 insurance in Texas is easy to obtain through companies like us here at Insured ASAP, who are incredibly knowledgeable in obtaining SR22s. We compare rates to ensure that you get the best possible quote, so contact us now to receive a free quote.

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