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Looking for Affordable SR22 Insurance in Illinois? We’re Ready to Help!

Do you need SR22 insurance? You’re not alone! We’re ready to help you get back on the road faster with affordable auto insurance for your unique circumstances. Our team can deliver competitive SR22 quotes at affordable rates in minutes and provide instant coverage.

Why SR22 is Different from General Auto Insurance Coverage

An SR22 is neither a type of auto insurance nor an auto insurance policy. SR22 insurance is a certificate of financial responsibility issued from your auto insurance provider to the Illinois Secretary of State.

The SR-22 form acts as a proof of insurance certificate stating that you have the minimum liability coverage from your current insurer as required by law. The SR22 certificate is essential for certain individuals to meet the minimum car insurance requirements in Illinois and maintain their driving privileges.

What is Required Under Illinois Law?

When it comes to SR-22 insurance coverage, Illinois residents who are required to buy this type of auto insurance certificate by the Illinois Secretary of State will need minimum liability insurance in the amounts of:

  • $25,000 of bodily injury liability coverage per person
  • $50,000 of bodily injury insurance liability insurance per accident
  • $20,000 of property damage coverage
  • $25,000 per person and $50,000 total per accident in underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage

How Much Does SR-22 Insurance Cost?

In Illinois, an SR-22 certificate is merely a certificate of insurance added to your existing car insurance policy. Some insurers charge a filing fee to file an SR-22 certificate electronically with the State of Illinois. Costs vary by state. Read more about How Much Does SR-22 Insurance Cost in Illinois.

How to Check Your SR-22 Insurance Status in Illinois?

A common question drivers in Illinois ask is how to check whether or not they need SR-22 Insurance. Typically, the State of Illinois mandates SR-22 for high risk drivers who have been involved in the following serious incidents:

  • A DUI conviction or DWI
  • Any serious moving violation
  • Driving without insurance
  • Involved in an accident without insurance
  • Repeat traffic offenses
  • A revoked or suspended driver’s license

In Illinois, SR-22 is a court-ordered requirement that is mandated for high risk drivers meeting specific requirements. This means that you should only request SR-22 filing if the state of Illinois mandates you to do so. Typically, a traffic judge will notify you in court proceedings of SR-22 requirements to maintain your driving privileges. If you’re not advised at court, the State of Illinois will send an official letter to your home address outlining the requirements, if necessary.

If you are still unsure if you need SR-22 filing, you can contact the Illinois Secretary of State Drivers License Department at (888) 261-5238.

Why SR-22 Insurance is Important in Illinois

SR22 insurance in Illinois is a very serious requirement. If the State of Illinois has mandated SR22 based on your driving record, it is essential that you comply with this requirement to protect yourself from liability and maintain a valid license. We offer insurance that acts as a simple solution to ensure that you’re completely protected from liability and compliant with all Illinois laws.

SR-22 Insurance

Need an SR-22 But Don’t Own a Car? You May Need Non-Owners SR-22…

The SR-22 insurance certificate is usually added to one of the following forms of insurance policy:

Operator’s Certificate. This insurance covers the motorist in the operation of any non-owned car.

Owner’s Certificate. This insurance covers the car owned by the driver. The specific car must be listed on the SR-22 or may be issued for all owned vehicles.

Operators-Owners Certificate. This insurance covers all cars owned or non-owned by the driver.

Non-Owners SR-22 Insurance

Non owner car insurance protects you from liability claims that arise when you drive a borrowed car on an occasional basis. In Illinois, non owners insurance is secondary coverage that helps to pay claims if you cause an accident resulting in bodily injury or property damage.

A common misconception is that non-owner insurance covers any motor vehicles you drive – this is simply not true.

In Illinois, any vehicle you drive MUST be insured by its owner. Non-owner insurance does not provide coverage on a specific vehicle.

If the State of Illinois requires you to obtain SR-22 insurance, but you do not own a car, or you don’t drive the same car on a regular basis, non-owners insurance is the perfect option for you.

sr22 insurance Illinois

How to Get Instant SR-22 Insurance Today

There aren’t many options available for Illinois drivers looking for an SR-22 insurance form. Insured ASAP are auto insurance experts with several options for all types of drivers that need affordable SR-22 insurance. We provide cheap SR-22 auto insurance coverage to protect you in such cities as:

  • Chicago, IL.
  • Naperville, IL.
  • Aurora, IL.
  • Joliet, IL.
  • Rockford, IL.
  • Springfield, IL.
  • Peoria, IL.
  • Elgin, IL.
  • Waukegan, IL.
  • Champaign, IL.

Contact our office today for a 3-min SR-22 insurance quote over the phone. Start your SR-22 insurance for as low as $37 down and $22 per month. Insured ASAP and its auto insurance carriers electronically file SR-22 to the State of Illinois instantly, and we can get your SR-22 certificate emailed to you within minutes for instant coverage.

Save Time. Save Money.

We compare insurance rates with multiple companies to get you the best quote possible to meet your coverage needs. Our team understands that many drivers need SR22 fast to get back on the road. We work with you to quickly and easily file an sr 22 in minutes.

FAQs – Common SR22 Insurance Questions

Can you help if I’ve been convicted of serious driving offenses?

Absolutely! We’re an experienced SR22 insurance agent that can help you regardless of your driving record. Our team helps drivers with issues including reckless driving, at-fault accident events, license suspension, previously uninsured drivers, and many other factors. If you’re caught driving with any of these factors and need an sr 22, we’ll keep you in good standing at the cheapest rate possible.

Do you conduct a credit check?

No! Generally, a credit check is not required to gain an SR22 certificate from an auto insurance company. We can provide more information on your individual circumstances when you contact our team to get an immediate quote.

What do you mean by financial responsibility certificate?

Understanding SR22 certificates can be confusing as it is often mistaken for insurance. However, SR22 is purely a certificate of financial responsibility required by some high risk drivers to ensure that coverage exists in the event of an incident. The certificate is issued by your auto insurance provider to the Illinois Secretary of State to prove that you meet the minimum liability requirements in the event of an incident affecting you or a third party.

Is an SR22 only required in Illinois?

No! Most states require an SR-22 form to be filed if you’re considered a high risk driver. However, the requirements and costs vary based on many different factors. We can assist with any insurance in Illinois requests when you contact our team today.

Are you a car insurance company?

No! We work with several different car insurance companies to offer an insurance policy that meets your needs and aligns with the insurer’s own risk profile. The end result is far more competitive insurance coverage at the cheapest rates using a quality insurance carrier. Talk to us now to purchase your SR22.

Suspended license plate?

If you received a letter in the mail about a suspended license plate, reach out to us today to help you clear your suspended license instantly.

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