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Let’s face it; most of your prized possessions and personal belongings are stored in your home. From that new sound system to your clothes to your electronics, your house holds many personal belongings that hold both sentimental and monetary value. If you could somehow protect your personal belongings and ensure that you will not encounter a loss, wouldn’t you want to do so? This is where homeowner’s insurance comes into play.

At Insured ASAP, we know how important affordable insurance quotes in Chicago are. We take the stress out of the process for you, presenting you with coverage options that protect you and your personal property when you need it the most.

What Renter’s Insurance Covers

Renter’s insurance is designed to protect you from damage caused by fires, theft or vandalism. The specific limits and deductibles associated with your plan are dependent on many moving parts such as where you live and how high you want your deductible to be. Renter’s insurance coverage is applicable even if the damage occurs while you are away from your apartment.

If you choose to pay an extra premium, you also receive full value coverage on any personal property. This means that you will be paid the full replacement amount in the case that the items are damaged or stolen. There is no deduction for depreciation in this case.

Also Protects Guests

Not only does renter’s insurance cover you, but it covers guests, including family members, against bodily liability injury damage and property damage. In the case that you are sued for a loss, legal defense is also provided.

Right Coverage at the Right Price

Your long, hard search for affordable renter’s insurance quotes in Chicago starts and ends with Insured ASAP. Regardless if you’re just starting to live on your own for the first time or you’re hoping to change living locations soon, our team will be there to guide you through every step of the way. A simple conversation helps us better understand what you are looking for in terms of price and coverage.

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