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What Is SR-22 Insurance and How Does It Work?

what is sr22 insurance

Around one in eight drivers don’t have auto insurance. If you ever drive without it and get caught, you risk losing your license, and you face other potential consequences. One consequence you might face is being required to purchase SR22 insurance. What Is SR22 insurance?

If you need this insurance type, you might want to learn more about it to understand what it is, why you need it, and how to purchase it.

What Is It?

When you discover that you need SR22 insurance, you might wonder what it is. Unfortunately, many people don’t fully understand it until they buy a policy, but it’s not difficult to understand.

This policy is a car insurance plan that comes with an SR22 form. It isn’t auto insurance coverage. Instead, it’s an auto insurance plan that comes with a specific form that proves you have coverage.

When you buy SR22 insurance, the provider takes the responsibility of letting the DMV know that you have coverage. They also take the responsibility of letting them know if your coverage lapses.

The main way to understand this insurance is to realize that it is a form that proves you have auto insurance. SR22 insurance is not something that all states require, but you might need SR22 Texas or SR22 Illinois.

Why Might You Need It?

People generally don’t need SR22 insurance unless they experience too many traffic violations or one major offense. For example, if you get a DUI, you might have to purchase it to keep your driver’s license.

You might also need it if you get caught driving a car without auto insurance coverage.

When a person encounters too many traffic violations, they might eventually need an SR22 insurance plan, too.

If you need SR22, you will lose your license if you don’t buy a policy by a specific deadline. Therefore, buying a plan might be the only way to keep a valid driver’s license.

What Is Important to Know When Buying a Policy?

If you need to buy a plan, you might wonder what to look for in a policy.

The first thing to learn is how to choose the right company for insurance coverage. You may want to compare the rates of several companies before selecting the one you want to use.

The next thing to know is the deadline for this requirement. If you don’t have a plan in place by the deadline, the DMV might suspend your license.

Finally, you need to know how long you need the coverage. In most cases, people need it for three consecutive years.

You can’t allow a lapse in the coverage during your required timeframe. If you do, the timeframe starts over.

How to Purchase SR22 Insurance

After reading this guide, you should have the answers to the question, “what is SR22 insurance?” If you know that you need it, you’ll need to start looking for a plan right away.

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