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Tips for Recognizing Auto Insurance Fraud

Car accidents always occur as an accident, right? While you may think it’s safe to assume so, this unfortunately is not always the case. Car accidents are being utilized as a method for some drivers to obtain your insurance information and ultimately receive a large payday from insurance companies. These elaborate, staged accidents may cost honest policyholders billions on an annual basis. Plus, the “accidents” create obstructions on the road, putting other drivers in danger. Our car insurance company serving Chicago and other areas is committed to helping you stay safe!

Those in Urban Areas Especially Targeted

Urban areas are typically the main areas where these “accidents” happen, as there is a higher number of drivers. There are also wealthier communities that fraudsters target in the hopes of receiving more money from those with better insurance coverage. Women driving alone and senior citizens are specifically targeted because they are thought to be less controversial than other demographics.

Examples of Staged Accidents

Our team at Insured ASAP Insurance Agency has outlined some of the common staged accident scenarios:

  • Swoop & squat: This tactic involves three vehicles, two of them driven by criminals. One of the criminals (the “squat”) positions their vehicle in front of the victim’s car and the driver of the “swoop” vehicle pulls ahead of the “squat” vehicle to intentionally cut them off. The victim is not able to stop their car in time, rear-ending the “squat” vehicle. The vehicle that swooped ends up driving away quickly so they are not tied to the accident, leaving the victim to pay for the damages.
  • Side swipe: A second example is the side swipe. This consists of the criminal positioning their vehicle in the outer lane, and as soon as the driver drifts into the outer turn lane, the criminal hits their vehicle from the side.
  • Drive down: Another example of a fraudulent accident is referred to as the drive down. This occurs when the victim waves the victim into ongoing traffic. The criminal will speed up and cause the accident, denying that they motioned the driver to merge in the first place.

In the case that you believe you are in a fraudulent accident, it’s important that you report the accident to the police right away. The schemers may also have other people acting as attorneys or doctors, referred to as “runners.” Always trust your gut instinct and contact your insurance agency as soon as possible, regardless of who is at fault.

For more information about auto insurance fraud and what our team at Insured ASAP can do to help, get in touch with our car insurance company in Chicago today.

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