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6 Surprising Things That Are Affecting Your Insurance Premiums

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Did you know that the average car insurance premium works out to just $133 per month if you are a good driver with a good credit history? Of course, how many of us actually fall into this ‘average’ category? Not many, unfortunately.

But did you know many other weird factors might be affecting your insurance premiums without your knowledge? To find out what these could be, keep reading!

1. What You Use Your Car for

It’s weird but insurers want to know what you are going to use your car for. Why are you driving? Do you drive to go to work 20 minutes away or to commute to a far-off city every week to visit a partner?

Perhaps you use your car to haul commercial goods on a part-time basis? Or maybe you lend your car to friends because they don’t have one. All these reasons to drive can affect your insurance premium in a big way.

2. What’s under the Hood

Did you know that the higher your car’s horsepower, the faster you are likely to drive, the more likely it is that you might get into an accident, and thus, the higher your insurance premiums? Maybe it’s time to rethink your lifelong dream to buy that Ferrari or Aston Martin (James Bondesque).

3. Where You Park

This is pretty logical but not many people think about it. If you live in an area where crime is high or vandalism and theft are common, and you park overnight in an open garage (without any lock or key), then your insurance premiums will naturally be high. Insurance companies are going to deem you and your car as high-risk and stamp you with that high premium.

4. What You Do For a Living

Fascinatingly enough, insurance companies are pretty biased and stereotypical when they think of you and your profession. For example, if you are a university professor working in the scientific field, they might deem you as a meticulous, rational, and a slow, careful driver and reduce your premiums. On the other hand, if you work at an oil rig, you would be deemed as a high-risk taker and your premiums would be higher.

5. What Your Marital Status Is

Why would it matter to insurance companies if you are married or single? Maybe insurance companies think that you are more likely to drive safely if you have a family to worry about, or maybe they think single people are foolhardy and trying to impress other singles out there.

Either way, auto insurance premiums are higher for single people as opposed to married ones. Another reason to tie the knot, perhaps?

6. What Your Habits Might Be

Do you have some bad habits that you are trying to quit? Smoking is definitely one of those you should consider giving up. This is because insurance companies deem smokers to be at higher risk than nonsmokers, partly due to the distracted driving factor.

Insurance Premiums Aren’t as Cut and Dry As It Might Seem

Even though you would like to imagine that insurance companies are basing your insurance premiums on logical reasons, some of the reasons listed above might not seem to be so. Either way, with this knowledge you can speak to your insurance team about reducing your auto insurance costs.

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