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Text Message Insurance

Text Message Insurance

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text message insurance illinois

Text Message Insurance

“We are sorry, but we’re experiencing higher than normal call volumes.  Your call is very important to us.  Please hold and a customer service representative will be with you shortly.”
Text Message Insurance

Everybody who’s tried to interact with a business over the phone, for whatever reason has at some point heard this oh-so-frustrating phrase. In the effort to modernize customer interaction with our agency, we are excited to announce the launch of:

Text Message Insurance

We believe the public should have an easier alternative beyond the traditional phone call or email conversation to contact their insurance agent.  Recent studies have shown, text messaging is becoming the preferred method of communication.  Text Message Insurance can help our existing auto, homeowners and small business insurance clients, as well as new insurance shoppers searching for insurance quotes, reach us regarding a variety of services, including:

  • New insurance quotes
  • Policy questions
  • Policy changes
  • Document requests
  • Billing inquiries
  • Claims inquiries

Take a look at some everyday use examples and keep reading to see how it works.

Need An Insurance Quote?  Text Message Insurance.

Small business owners, drivers and home owners now have an effortless way to request an insurance quote.

text message insurance illinois

Requesting an insurance quote via text messaging can be done at your pace.  Submitting your information is as easy as attaching a photo of your current insurance policy documents, drivers license(s), etc.  It ensures the most accurate information is being passed on to one of our licensed insurance agents.

To make it even easier, we incorporate other industry tech tools such as electronic signature systems that allow you to sign your insurance application right on your mobile phone.

Our goal is to deliver an experience simple enough for anyone to adopt.

Text Message To Make Changes To Your Insurance Policy

We understand your time is valuable.  Our clients stay busy with their hectic work schedules, family life, errands, all while trying to make some free time for their personal and social life.

In many cases, speaking to an agent on the phone can be extremely inconvenient.  Our clients can now text message to make a change to their insurance policy.
text message insurance illinois

Whether you need to add, remove, or change a driver or vehicle on your car insurance policy, or maybe just update your mailing address on your business insurance quote, we’ve got you covered.  Need an SR-22 filing?  It’s never been easier!

Send us a text message and let us help you make those changes at your convenience.

Text Message Insurance = An Effortless Claims Process

We all know how strenuous it may be to file an insurance claim.  Because we at Insured ASAP are an independent insurance agency and contract with dozens of car, home and business insurance carriers, filing an insurance claim may prove to be confusing.

text message insurance illinois

Unfortunately, accidents happen!  Let us make the claims process easy.

Simply send us a text message with a photo of your police report and images of the loss or damages to property, and we’ll get started ASAP.  A claims agent will review and contact you immediately for follow up questions regarding to the accident.

How Does Text Message Insurance Work?

When sending us a text message, it may seem no different than texting a family member or friend, and it shouldn’t.  Behind the scenes, we employ a sophisticated messaging software to handle incoming messages from our current insurance clients and prospective insurance shoppers looking for quotes.

When a text message is received by our agency, it is assigned to the proper department.  Have a question about your business insurance policy or need a certificate of insurance?  Rest assured, an agent familiar with your policy, will be assigned to the conversation.

A service agent will assign the phone number from the incoming text message to the specific client on file.  That way, we’ll always know it’s you when you message us.

Want to know more?  Try it out.

Send us a text message today for more information and see how easy it can be.  Our agents are standing by to help answer your insurance questions at a time convenient for YOU.

Save Time. Save Money.

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