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What you MUST know about snow plow insurance!

What you MUST know about snow plow insurance!

Call (800) 641-7488 to speak with a live representative

snow plow insurance chicago

What you MUST know about snow plow insurance!

Plowing snow during the winter months can prove to be an extremely lucrative side business, especially in the Chicago area.  But just with any business, the risk of personal and property damage exist.  Unfortunately for snow plow drivers, late hours and horrible visibility increase the odds of a mishap to occur.  If you’re gearing up for the snow season, don’t wait until it’s too late to find out you’re not properly under your current snow plow insurance policy.

Most traditional auto insurance policies exclude for business-use coverage.  This basically means that an accident while using your personal car or truck while plowing for profit will not be covered by your standard car insurance policy.

But what about situations where you’re plowing for personal-use?  Well, each policy varies so it’s important to speak to your insurance agent.

I have an auto insurance policy?  Will that protect me while I’m plowing snow?

Insurance companies determine premiums by identifying risk involved with each unique individual or business.  For example, a contractor that uses a pick-up truck to drive to and from job sites faces less risk to be involved in an accident than a tow truck driver.

Plowing snow comes with it’s own unique risk.  Other situations where coverage is often excluded include livery (driving for-hire) such as taxi cab, Uber or Lyft, delivery, etc.

Now you may be thinking that your old rusted pick-up truck is not worth insuring.  This statement may be true to some, but don’t be selfish.

snow plow insurance chicago

A common misconception of many seem to be that insurance is protection for your property, cars and trucks.  The truth is, the risk of third-party damages to property or bodily injury can sometimes outweigh damage to your property.

Sure, repairs to your 20 year old truck or SUV may be minimal, but you’re on the hook for all damages to the other party if you’re held liable in an accident.

Snow plow insurance is expensive, I can’t afford it!

Yes you can.

And if you still think you can’t, think about whether or not you can afford paying for injury or property damage.  Besides the fact that liability insurance is a requirement in Illinois, Indiana and every other state in the nation, liability insurance protects you from financial devastation in the event of an accident in your snow plow.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Give us a call!

Plowing both commercial and/or residential properties for an income requires an adequate snow plow insurance policy.  Insured ASAP Insurance Agency partners with dozens of A-rated insurance carriers that provide affordable snow plow insurance in Illinois and Indiana.

Quotes are available immediately over the phone.  Give us a call today for any questions and to see how much we can save you.  (708) 233-4848



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