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How long do you need to have SR22 insurance in Illinois?

How long do you need to have SR22 insurance in Illinois?

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How long do you need to have SR22 insurance in Illinois?

If you’ve been convicted of driving without valid insurance, a DUI, or even a few serious driving offenses, odds are, the Illinois Secretary of State has mandated you to obtain financial responsibility insurance, or SR-22.

If you’re in search for affordable SR22 insurance in Illinois or Indiana, you’ve come to the right place.  Insured ASAP Insurance Agency provides the most affordable SR22 insurance quotes in minutes – Whether online or by phone!

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What is SR22?

SR22 is a filing that is added to an Illinois driver’s insurance policy that helps the state of Illinois monitor their insurance status.  If you have SR22 filing on your car insurance policy, the state receives a notification every time your car insurance policy is cancelled or expired.

In turn, the event of SR22 cancellation, the insurance company sends the Illinois Secretary of State an SR26 Cancellation Certificate which suspends a driver’s license until a payment is made on the SR22 insurance and filing is reinstated.

How long do you have to have SR22 insurance in Illinois?

In the state of Illinois, SR22 is required for a period of 3 years.  This starts the day filing is reported to the state of Illinois.  Non-payment of insurance premium and cancellation of an insurance policy will result in an immediate driver’s license suspension.

How Much Does SR22 Cost in Illinois

Typically, a non owners insurance policy with SR22 filing starts as low as $15 per month. 

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Fast SR-22 in Illinois

Insured ASAP Insurance Agency works with carriers who file an SR22 Financial Responsibility form on behalf of our clients directly with the State of Illinois.  This electronic process of filing an SR22 certificate allows us to upload and file your certificate directly into the state database.

SR22 should only be requested by Illinois driver’s who have been mandated to do so by the Illinois Secretary of State.  When a driver receives notice, contact Insured ASAP Insurance Agency for your quote on an SR-22 in Illinois.

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