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Guide to SR-22 Non-Owner Policies

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Having too many violations on your driving record is mentally draining and consequential. Depending on the severity of these instances, the state may deem you a high-risk driver and revoke your license. However, you may still need insurance coverage to avoid costly payouts if you are involved in a traffic accident.

Insured ASAP is here to help! You need SR-22 coverage if you have a suspended or revoked driver’s license. We’ll help you find affordable SR-22 policies to get your license back. If you want to learn more about SR-22 coverage, what it is, and how it can help, read below.

What is Non-Owner SR-22 Coverage?

An SR-22 policy confirms a driver has sufficient car insurance that meets state requirements. A non-owner SR-22 certificate applies to those who need auto insurance but do not, or cannot, own a vehicle. Since Illinois prohibits driving without insurance, an SR-22 policy counts as your non-owner car insurance policy.

When Would You Need a Non-Owner SR-22?

SR-22 coverage is a type of owner’s insurance policy that the state will recognize as financial responsibility insurance. Therefore, you must meet certain requirements to qualify. Those who need SR-22 coverage are drivers with numerous violations on their driving records, such as

  • DUIs and DWIs
  • Multiple traffic violations within a short period, such as reckless driving or speeding
  • History of at-fault traffic accidents without bodily injury liability or property damage liability insurance
  • Driving without a license

Additionally, you must file a Non-Owner SR-22 if you do not own a car.

How to Get Non-Owner SR-22 Insurance

Obtaining SR-22 coverage without a vehicle involves several SR-22 requirements. For example, you must pay an SR-22 insurance quote to file the SR-22 form. This cost varies by the insurer but is typically cheaper than standard auto insurance.

Having traditional auto insurance and an SR-22 may increase your insurance rates. However, these rates decrease after you no longer need SR-22 coverage.

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If you need an SR-22 non-owners policy in Illinois, call us at 800-641-7488. Our operators await your questions or concerns. After filing for SR-22 coverage, contact us for auto insurance. We look at various insurance companies to find the best rates possible.

Insured ASAP helps everyone maintain liability coverage for traffic accidents, at-fault incidents, and environmental disasters. We find affordable rates you’ll appreciate. With Insured ASAP, you’ll have SR-22 coverage and other auto insurance in no time!

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