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How Do I Check My SR22 Status?

Once you complete an SR22 form, you meet the Illinois minimum auto insurance liability. Still, you may wonder how long it remains in effect. More importantly, you likely want to know when it will expire before you need different auto insurance and can regain your driver’s license. Insured ASAP makes it easy to check your SR22 status with quick, real-time hassle-free communication.

If you face a court-ordered license suspension, here are some ways to check your SR-22 insurance.

The Importance of SR22

SR22 is a state-mandated form proving drivers meet the minimum auto liability insurance requirements. Not every driver needs an SR22 form. Those with suspended licenses, who possess multiple driving or insurance violations on their driving record, or who drove while under the influence of drugs or alcohol must complete the SR22 form. Once you complete the form, the length of time that SR22 coverage lasts is approximately three years in Illinois.

How to Check SR22 Status in Illinois

Currently, there is no automated way to check your SR22 insurance in Illinois. However, there are still simple ways to check your coverage status. One way is to call the Secretary of State’s license hotline at 217-782-3720. After providing your social security and driver’s license numbers, the Secretary of State’s office gives information about your license status and SR22.

Another option is to call Insured ASAP. We only require that you text us a picture of your driver’s license. Then, our agents contact the Secretary of State’s office and ask any of the following questions to get you the information you deserve:

  • When your SR22 expires
  • SR22 grace period and insurance lapses
  • Your driver’s license status
  • If you have a suspended or revoked license

We make it easy to have SR22 updates whenever you need them.

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How to Find Out When Your SR22 Expires

If you already completed an SR-22 certificate and are waiting for the state to reinstate your license, you can also use us to see when the SR-22 requirement expires. This period usually lasts around three years in Illinois, but durations may vary if your license faces suspension. Call the Secretary of State’s office or us to know when your SR-22 insurance coverage expires.

Contact Insured ASAP to Check Your SR22 Status

Give us a call at 800-641-7488 to learn more about your SR22 status. We’re also available to help you find affordable car insurance in Illinois. Our insurance specialists work with multiple insurance companies to find the lowest insurance quotes for you.

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