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5 Benefits of Buying Commercial Car Insurance for Your Company

commercial car insurance

Delivery! Your pizza has arrived, that’ll be $13.50.

This is the story you want to hear from your employees after using a vehicle on company time. However, this is not always the case. Accidents can and do happen every day.

Whether you are running a pizza delivery business or another company that requires your employees to drive, you need commercial car insurance. Read on to learn about the benefits of these policies.

1. Liability Coverage

Commercial car insurance won’t only cover the damage done to a vehicle, it will protect damage done to other property and valuables. For example, a car used by a worker on the job hits a mailbox, you’ll have coverage to fix the damage.

The same goes for if the worker runs into another vehicle and damages it.

2. Physical Damage and Collision Protection

When you opt for insurance for commercial vehicles, you are protecting yourself from the costs of repairs. Physical damage and collision protection will cover repairs for the vehicle the company or worker owns and damage done to the other vehicle that was hit.

Regardless of who is at fault because of the accident, this coverage is essential to have. Motorists who may be uninsured completely or underinsured can benefit from an added layer of protection through insurance for company cars.

3. Medical Payment and Lawsuit Coverage

A commercial auto insurance provider will explain how necessary it is to be covered in case of a lawsuit. More often than not, a car wreck causes bodily harm that may lead to expensive medical costs.

Commercial auto insurance will offer at least some protection for the driver and others involved in the accident. Along with covering medical costs, it can help with lost wages and legal expenses if a lawsuit were the outcome.

4. Comprehensive Coverage

There are different types of insurance policies that may or may not include comprehensive coverage. The benefits of this additional coverage outweigh the cost.

Theft, fires, vandalism, floods, etc., are often overlooked when it comes to car insurance. The first thing you think about when needing a commercial policy is the possibility of a wreck. However, other damages may occur too.

5. Additional Protection

Even if an employee has their own personal auto insurance, companies must pay for damages done while an employee is on the job. Without a commercial car insurance policy, a company is expected to pay for damages out of pocket.

A personal auto insurance plan doesn’t provide adequate coverage for those using a vehicle for business purposes. Business tasks may include picking up work supplies, making deliveries, and performing other business functions.

Do You Need a Commercial Car Insurance Policy?

If the staff you employ often uses their vehicles for work-related terms, their personal auto insurance policies won’t cover you in the case of an accident or other damages.

There are many benefits of getting commercial car insurance as noted in the above points. The one thing each advantage has in common is that it protects your business during multiple situations.

The possibility of a car wreck or other damage is always there. Contact us today to learn more about the different insurance policies we offer.

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