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What Does Illinois Contractors Insurance Cover?

What Does Illinois Contractors Insurance Cover?

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illinois contractors insurance

As a busy contractor, it’s imperative to know how the right insurance policy can protect your business. A contractors insurance policy will protect you and your business against the costs of lawsuits brought by customers or other individuals due to property damage or bodily injury.

Illinois Contractors Need Insurance

As a contractor you know many things can go wrong on a job site. Carrying the right general liability insurance will help protect you when you what can go wrong does.

Contractor insurance may not cover every type of lawsuit you could face, but it does cover some of the most expensive. Some common third-party lawsuits faced by contractors are:

  • Property damage
  • Client and other third-party injuries
  • Reputational injuries, such as a competitor claiming you ruined their image
  • Completed products aka problems with your construction

As a contractor completed products coverage could be one of the most critical coverages on your policy. Contractors Insurance can help pay for claims related to the services you’ve completed and products you’ve produced.

Take, for example, your business unwittingly installs kitchen cabinetry with unstable shelving that ends up injuring the homeowner, and your contracting business could be held liable for the injury. But when you have the proper coverage, your legal expenses and damages can be covered up to the limits of your policy.

Another significant coverage on your contractor’s insurance policy is property damage. It helps protect your contracting or construction business against the high cost of a lawsuit if someone claims that your construction business destroyed their property.

For contractors who perform remodeling work, it’s important to note that property damage liability coverage generally does not provide coverage for damage caused to client property you are remodeling. It would come into play if say, you dropped a ladder on a customer’s vehicle or accidentally sawed their couch in half.

Lastly, We are Here for You

While many local independent agents in Chicago may provide contractors general liability insurance, the insurance professionals at Insured ASAP specialize not only in contractors general liability, but property, and workers compensation insurance as well.

Plus, we can quote your insurance with many of the leading insurance carriers in the nation making us a leader in business insurance. We offer quotes for multiple types of contractors and quote coverages including the following:

  • General Liability Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Business Umbrella Insurance
  • Workers Compensation
  • Surety Bonds for Contractor
  • Data Breach Insurance

An adequate contractors insurance policy can help eliminate any concerns you may have and help you to perform your best.  Start by taking a look at the hazards faced by your business. An experienced agent at Insured ASAP can help you determine those risks and can provide multiple insurance quotes for the coverage your business needs.  Call our business insurance experts at (800) 641-7488.

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