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Illinois Tow Truck Insurance Requirements

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Whether you manage a tow truck business or serve as an independent contractor, you need insurance for towing in case of accidents or bodily injuries. At your earliest convenience, register with the state to obtain all necessary paperwork and information. All tow truck drivers must possess a certificate of insurance to declare their liability coverage. Here are the Illinois tow truck insurance requirements to help you get started.

Tow Trucking Insurance Registration

You must provide the Secretary of State proof of liability insurance whenever you register or renew your tow truck in Illinois. The state will issue an insurance certificate requiring the minimal coverage

  • Auto Liability – $500,000 combined single limit
  • Garage Liability – $500,000 combined single limit
  • On-Hook Coverages – $25,000
  • Garagekeepers Legal Liability – $25,000
  • Workers Compensation

You must submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance for each fleet vehicle. You can register a wrecker or boom-type tow truck based on the empty weight of the fully equipped truck. However, you must register rollback or carrier-type tow trucks based on their gross weight.

There are a few clauses that the above liability registration will not affect. A small towing company without a garage or storage facility will not need the $25,000 garagekeepers’ legal liability. Additionally, independent towing drivers without employees do not need worker’s compensation. Lastly, a towing company that only tows its fleet vehicles does not need on-hook coverage.

Certificate of Insurance

The state issues an insurance certificate yearly, expiring on December 31 of the current registration year, unless indicating continuous coverage. This certificate details the make, model, VIN, policy number, and the Secretary of State as the certificate holder. Always double check that names and addresses match to avoid registration issues.

This certificate must indicate minimum coverage or a combined single limit. Always sign certificate dates within 90 days of the transaction. Otherwise, you must also notify the Secretary of State’s office in writing 30 days before cancellation.

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