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Illinois Tow Truck Insurance Requirements

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Tow Truck Insurance Requirements in Illinois

When you register or renew your tow truck in the State of Illinois, you are required to provide the Secretary of State (SOS) proof of valid liability insurance.  A certificate of insurance will be requested by the State of Illinois and should indicate the following required minimum coverage:

  • A. Auto liability  $500,000 CSL (combined single limit)
  • B. Garage liability  $500,000 CSL (combined single limit)
  • C. On-hook coverages  $25,000
  • D. Garagekeepers legal liability  $25,000
  • E. Workers Compensation

illinois tow truck insurance requirements

It is important to note that the Certificate of Insurance must expire on December 31st of the registration year.  The certificate of insurance must also specify the year, make, model and vin of each truck, the policy number, and show the Secretary of State as the certificate holder.  Additionally, it is important to note that the insured’s name and address on the certificate MUST match the name and address on your tow truck’s registration.

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Tow Truck Certificate of Insurance

The Illinois Secretary of State will require a detailed Acord Certificate of Liability Insurance to verify your insurance when renewing or registering your truck.  This certificate must indicate the above stated coverages, at minimum.

  1. The Certificate of Insurance must indicate minimum coverage or a combined single limit of $500,000.
  2. Policy expiration date must be December 31st of the current registration year, or a certificate must indicate continuous coverage.
  3. The Certificate of Insurance must indicate that the Illinois Secretary of State’s office will be given a 30 day written notice upon cancellation for any reason.
  4. The Certificate must be dated within 90 days of your visit to the drivers facility.

Sample Tow Truck Certificate of Insurance

The below sample Illinois Tow Truck Certificate of Insurance shows an outline of how the Illinois Secretary of State requires proof of insurance when registering or renewing a tow truck.



Important Notes:

  • If the insurance policy does not expire on 12/31 of the current year, the certificate will need to indicate “continuous until cancelled” verbiage.
  • Small towing companies that do not operate a repair shop or storage facility will not require Garagekeepers Legal Liability coverage.
  • A sole proprietor, or single member Corp or LLC, who does not have any W2 or 1099 employees would not be required to carry Workers Compensation coverage.
  • A company that utilizes any tow truck registered in Illinois to only tow its own “owned” vehicles would not be required to carry On-Hook Coverage.


Our agency is a leading provider of tow truck insurance in Illinois and throughout the midwest.  Local Illinois agents understand the unique coverage requirements the IL Secretary of State requires, and can help provide instant coverage to meet state tow truck insurance requirements.  Contact our office today for a quick and easy tow truck insurance quote.

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