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Why We Are a Top Business Insurance Broker

Why We Are a Top Business Insurance Broker

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Why We Are a Top Business Insurance Broker

There are many options available to small business owners when searching for small business insurance.  When searching for a top business insurance broker, you may run across many results highlighting local insurance agencies.

But how do you know which one to choose?

top business insurance broker

Why deal with an insurance broker?

Insurance brokers are set up as independent insurance professionals that are usually appointed with multiple insurance carriers.  These insurance carriers pay a broker a commission for business placed.  Think of a commission as compensation from the insurance company to the broker as a percentage of total premium.

Advantages of dealing with a top business insurance broker?

There can be many advantages to dealing with a business insurance broker.

Save On Time.

Busy business owners work day and night, and requesting business insurance quotes from various insurance companies can be a significant task to handle.  Save on time by letting an experienced business insurance broker handle the quote process.


Based on the type of small business you run, an experienced business insurance broker may understand the specific type risks you may face.  Remember, each small business is unique and your business insurance policy should be put together for your specific business.

Quote Comparison.

Ever heard the phrase “apples to apples?”  Comparing a small business insurance quote proposal apples to apples may turn to be tough when quoting with certain insurance carriers.  A top business insurance broker will quote multiple insurance carriers and hand you multiple proposals.  Coverage, limits, conditions, etc. will be outlined in these proposals for you to compare.


All business owners look for bottom line savings in their small business costs.  Insurance is no different.  Without sacrificing important coverage or carrier rating, a top business insurance broker will find the most affordable option for your small business insurance.

Why Insured ASAP is the top business insurance broker?

Insured ASAP, a Chicago based small business insurance agency, is a top business insurance broker for many reasons:

  •  Our close relationship with select A-rated national insurance carriers who have specific programs designed for your unique business.
  • We utilize the latest technology in the insurance industry to provide a quick and efficient application process.  So if you’re strapped for time, allow us to help you obtain multiple insurance quotes asap.
  • Insured ASAP is a full service agency, but our focus is on helping small business owners obtain quality commercial insurance.  Our small business clients are our number one priority.
  • Every “top business insurance broker” can say they provide the most affordable business insurance quotes, but talk is cheap.

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