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What Happens to Your Car Insurance After a DUI?

car insurance after dui

For most people, a DUI is a terrible fantasy that pops up now and then. So what happens when this fantasy becomes a reality?

According to the Center for Disease Control, the yearly costs from DUI crashes amount to almost 50 billion dollars. Besides the legal and social implications of getting a DUI conviction, it can also have severe repercussions on your insurance rates.

Car insurance after DUI convictions can be a minefield to work through. The good news is that this guide will have all the information you need to navigate this anxiety-inducing topic.

Car Insurance After DUI Will Increase

Driving under the influence poses a significant risk to public safety. Because of this and depending on where you live, the penalty on your insurance rate can be extreme.

In Michigan for example, if you’re convicted of a DUI your car insurance costs can exceed 7,000 dollars yearly! When you include these costs with any legal fees required to cover your case, it can put you in a lot of trouble financially.

Your penalty can also vary based on your situation. If your DUI occurred at a young age or if it isn’t your first one, your prices can increase even more.

You’re Going To Need To Work Out an SR22 Form

Following a DUI you’ll need to prove to the government that you have the required minimum insurance liability. To do this, an SR22 form will be necessary.

To get the form, you’ll have to contact your insurance company and inform them of the fact that you were convicted of a DUI. It’s best to do this early, as your insurance company is going to find out about your conviction eventually.

It can be tricky staying on top of documentation, and many people put off getting SR22 insurance. You shouldn’t be one of them, and staying on top of SR22 requirements should your top priority.

Be Prepared for a DUI to Be On Your Record For A While

Insurance companies take special note of any DUI’s you have accrued, and this can impact you for many years going forward. Your car insurance costs will eventually decrease, but the mark on your record will remain for a while depending on which state you’re in.

For example, a DUI in Texas can raise your premiums for several years. This is also compounded by your age at the time of getting convicted.

Don’t Let Post DUI Insurance Take You by Surprise

Car insurance after DUI convictions can be an arduous battle but doesn’t have to signal the end of your driving privileges. Despite this, you still need to remain informed about DUI car insurance ramifications.

Getting convicted of a DUI can make your insurance rates skyrocket, so it’s best to have an accurate estimate of how high they will go.

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