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What Happens If You Have A Car Accident With No Car Insurance?

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Taking care of obligations is part of life. One of the most important obligations to keep up with is making sure that you have automobile insurance.

When you don’t, you will have significant consequences to deal with — especially if you happen to get into an accident.

These are the things that you need to keep in mind about driving without car insurance.

You’re Responsible for the Other Driver’s Damages if You’re At Fault

One of the most notable consequences of driving without car insurance is that you won’t have the protections and coverage that you need. When you are at fault, you won’t be able to rely on your insurance company’s coverage to handle the costs.

Instead, you will have to foot the bill for the other driver’s damages, no matter how significant. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, you should make sure to get basic car insurance coverage that protects you from liabilities.

There are several companies that can provide you with cheap car insurance that will keep you on track with liability coverage and any other services that you require.

You Can Get Cited

No matter what, it’s illegal to drive without car insurance. You can get cited by your locality on the scene, and may get more significant penalties later.

Each state has its own penalties for driving without car insurance. When this decision to drive without car insurance leads to an accident, you can almost always count on getting hit with the most severe consequences allowable.

This is especially perilous if someone is hurt or worse during the wreck.

The City or State Could Impound Your Automobile

You may also get your vehicle impounded if you’re caught driving without insurance. This will require you to pay a huge amount of fees to get it back.

In the meantime, you will be out of luck when it comes to getting to and from work, running errands, and anything else that you need to do.

It Can Put Your Ability to Get Insurance in the Future at Risk

Finally, getting caught driving without insurance now will hurt your ability to get insurance later.

If you decide to <buy car insurance in the future following getting cited for driving without it, you can almost always expect your premiums to be much higher. Some insurance companies will even deny you coverage in these circumstances.

You will be considered a risky driver, and it might take a while until you’re able to change these circumstances. This makes your bills unnecessarily higher and adds loads of red tape to deal with.

Shop for the Car Insurance That You Need

Without a doubt, you should never drive without car insurance. The penalties above are some of the scenarios that can come about, all of which are completely avoidable.

If you are looking for an insurance plan that will serve you, we are happy to help you find it. Reach out to us today to start a quote on a new car insurance plan.

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