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Renters Insurance in Chicago – Starting at $14/month

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Do you rent an apartment in Chicago or anywhere else throughout Illinois or Indiana?  According to recent reports, renting is becoming more and more popular among Americans and home ownership is on a steady decline.

Renters now have great options when searching for affordable renters insurance in Chicago.

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How Much is Renters Insurance in Chicago?

Renters insurance prices are determined by a few factors including the age of your apartment building or home, the geographical location, size and the applicants credit score.

Insured ASAP has done a renters insurance price analysis and determined monthly costs.

Apartment Renters Cost

Insurance Coverage Recommended:

  • $100,000 liability limits
  • $10,000 personal items 

Price:  $14 per month

Apartment in the city of Chicago can range in size but are generally on the smaller end.  Renters insurance per month for an apartment starts at $14.

Condo Renters Cost

Insurance Coverage Recommended:

  • $100,000 liability limits
  • $20,000 personal items 

Price:  $17 per month

A condo may be slightly larger than a typical apartment thus requiring higher contents coverage.  Renters insurance for a condo with the above recommended coverage starts at $17 per month.

Home Renters Cost

Insurance Coverage Recommended:

  • $300,000 liability limits
  • $50,000 personal items 

Price:  $26 per month

Those who rent homes are typically raising a family or need the space for a reason.  A home is significantly larger than a basic Chicago apartment and contents coverage can exceed basic levels.  The average home renters insurance costs can start at $26 per month.

Need affordable renters insurance in Chicago?  Insured ASAP is here to help.  Our agency provides renters insurance quotes online or by a 2-min phone call: (800) 641-7488.

Is Renters Insurance Required in Chicago?

Neither The City of Chicago nor The State of Illinois require a home or apartment renter to carry renters insurance.

There is actually no state that mandates renters insurance by law.

But, many property owners and apartment management companies require tenants to obtain renters insurance coverage.

Can a Landlord Require Renters Insurance?

In the event of damage or loss to the property, a landlord or association needs to ensure that a tenant has adequate personal liability coverage.

It may even be necessary for a landlord to require you to carry renters insurance depending on the type of building insurance they carry.

A landlord can force a renter to obtain renters insurance.  This is to protect the property owner from damage caused by a liable renter.  Refer to your lease to help determine if renters insurance is a requirement by your landlord.

renters insurance chicago

Which Company Has The Best Renters Insurance in Chicago?

Before searching for an apartment in Chicago, it is important to compare renters insurance rates from multiple insurance companies to determine what works for you.

Insured ASAP Insurance Agency partners with multiple renters insurance companies and can compare rates for you.

How Does Renters Insurance Work?

Renters insurance provides a few different types of coverage.  Contents coverage helps pay for damage to a renters personal property including furniture, electronics, appliances and more.

Personal liability helps protect the renter from any claims made by an injured third party.

Loss of Use coverage helps relocate a renter in the event of a significant catastrophe where the home or apartment is inhabitable.

These are just a few coverages to help you understand how renters insurance works.

So How Much Coverage Do You Need?

To determine how much renters insurance you need, renters need to closely calculate the total amount of personal property you own.  If your apartment and all of its contents were completely destroyed in a fire, how much would it cost you to replace your belongings?

Do All Renters Need Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is not required by any state government or municipality but it is in our opinion that all renters need renters insurance.  Can you afford to be displaced from your apartment and lose all of your belongings?

Advice from Insured ASAP – the leading provider of renters insurance in Chicago

  • Get the most comprehensive renters insurance policy you can afford.
  • Check your rental lease agreement with your landlord to help determine what coverage you need.
  • Understand your quote and/or your current renters insurance policy.

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