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Mandatory Auto Insurance in Illinois

Mandatory Auto Insurance

In the state of Illinois, auto insurance is now mandatory. Auto insurance companies are now required to send daily reports to the Secretary of State to keep them updated on every new policy and any that were canceled.

Every vehicle’s liability policy will be verified twice a year through the Electronic Liability Insurance Verification program.

It is important that you obtain the minimum coverage necessary ASAP. Whether you need insurance quotes in Chicago or cheap car insurance in Elgin, Insured ASAP has you covered.

​How Will This Work?

The Electronic Liability Insurance Verification program will verify your liability insurance by matching your vehicle’s VIN number against the daily report it receives. The state of Illinois knows every car that is registered, but now it will also be able to confirm if it’s properly insured.

If the initial verification does not verify your vehicle is covered, it will be checked again in 30 days. If after 30 days, it still isn’t verified, the registered owner will be sent a registration suspension letter.

If you cannot provide proof that the vehicle was insured properly, your registration will be suspended and you will need to pay a reinstatement fee in Illinois of $100.

If you are stopped by the police or are involved in an accident while driving without insurance, the officer may issue a traffic citation with the following possible fines:

  • Minimum fine of $500 for driving uninsured
  • Minimum fine of $1,000 for driving while the license plates are suspended

​What Happens if You’re Caught?

If you are caught driving your vehicle without the appropriate liability insurance for the first time, your license plates will be suspended until you provide proof that the proper insurance has been acquired. You will also need to pay the $100 reinstatement fees online.

If you happen to be caught additional times, you will be required to serve a four-month suspension, obtain the appropriate liability insurance, and pay the $100 fee to reinstate your license plates.

During the time that your license plates are suspended, nobody can operate your vehicle. However, you still may operate other vehicles under which you are insured.

You should immediately contact Insured ASAP to get you an auto insurance quote and legally back on the road.

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