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How Much Does SR-22 Insurance Cost?

sr22 insurance cost

Did you receive a court-mandated order requiring you to obtain an SR22, but you have no idea what an SR22 is? Are you concerned about SR22 Insurance cost?

On average, customers with an SR22 insurance policy pay 80% to 120% more than other drivers due to their traffic violations. If you or someone you know and love need an SR22 insurance policy, continue reading below. We will go over what an SR22 is and where you can get an affordable policy today.

What Is an SR22?

An SR22 is a certificate of insurance that shows the state or the court that you carry your state’s minimum liability coverage. Drivers who have had their license suspended or revoked due to severe traffic violations like DUIs or DWIs will have to obtain an SR22 certificate.

Other violations that result in needing an SR22:

  • Serious moving violation conviction
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving without an adequate amount of insurance
  • Several traffic violations within a short time

Each state has its limit on the length of time you have to maintain an SR22 on your insurance policy. The typical time frame is between three to five years.

SR22 Insurance Cost

The cost of car insurance for a policy with an SR22 can vary between insurance companies. Because you are considered a high-risk driver, your insurance policy will cost considerably higher than the average driver.

For example, a driver convicted of a DUI can face paying between $900 to $1300 more a year for their auto insurance policy. Depending on your insurance carrier, you may have to pay for the entire policy up front before they award coverage, but other insurance carriers will allow you to pay monthly.

SR22 Insurance Illinois

The average rate for an SR22 auto policy in Illinois is around $2,300, which is about an 89% increase from the average driver. Per Illinois state law, you will have to carry the SR22 certificate on your car insurance policy for a minimum of three years.

If you cancel your policy or let it lapse, your license will immediately be suspended. The state minimum for property damage liability coverage in Illinois is $20,000. The state minimum for bodily injury liability coverage is $25,000 per person up to $50,000 per incident.

SR22 Insurance Texas

In Texas, the average SR22 auto policy is around $2,700, which is 64% higher than other drivers in the state. You will have to carry an SR22 certificate on your auto policy for a minimum of two years.

If you fail to maintain financial responsibility, you will have your license revoked. The state minimum for Texas property damage coverage is $25,000. The Bodily injury liability coverage minimum is $30,000 per person up to $60,000 per occurrence.

SR22 Insurance Indiana

In Indiana, you will have to carry the SR22 certificate on your insurance policy for a minimum of three years if it is your first or second offense. Your third offense will result in needing to carry the SR22 for five years. Like any other state, if you fail to maintain auto insurance, you will have your license suspended.

The state minimum requirement for property damage coverage is $25,000, and the minimum requirement for bodily injury coverage is $25,000 per person up to $50,000 per accident. The average SR22 insurance cost in Indiana is about $1,600, which is 48% higher than the average driver in Indiana.

Cheap SR22 Insurance

SR22 insurance costs can through your finances for a loop if you partner with an expensive insurance company.

Finding appropriate coverage for your vehicle doesn’t have to be costly, and we have great rates to accommodate your needs. If you have received a court-mandated order to carry an SR22 certificate on your policy, contact us now. We will be able to get you the policy you need today!

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