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Do You Need Insurance to Rent a Car?

Do You Need Insurance to Rent a Car

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Do You Need Insurance to Rent a Car?

What if your rental car was broken into, or you crashed the car, or you were injured?

Do you need insurance to rent a car? Do you need to rent a car to protect you from these incidents? That’s what we will find out in this short guide.

But you should be aware of the stipulations of renting a car. You should figure out why you don’t need some insurance for rental cars and why other kinds of insurance are absolutely essential.

You’ll find this informative guide offers helpful advice when it comes to renting a vehicle without insurance.

Don’t Take the Rental Car’s Optional Insurance

Rental car agents are trained to sell you insurance. They are trained because it’s profitable for the agency.

They often offer insurance that covers a lot of the car but the damages. It can be a way for them to make any kind of money since they will look at every kind of scratch that’s on the car.

Should You Find a Standalone Rental Insurance Company?

If you decide to pass on the rental car’s optional insurance, you could always decide to pursue a standalone rental insurance company.

These companies can be more affordable and offer more protection than a rental car company. Having said that, you should look at the stipulations of the insurance to ensure everything is protected.

If you think the cost of this insurance isn’t worth it and you’re generally a safe driver, it would be a good idea to pass on it.

If you want to see how affordable our rental car insurance is, you can start a quote here.

Your Personal Car Insurance

A lot of car insurance covers rental vehicles. Although you should check with your primary car insurance and see what their policy is and if they cover all vehicles.

Your car insurance may not cover the damage to a vehicle outside of the United States or certain kinds of damage.

Credit Car Insurance

You should carefully consider getting some credit cards because they can come with rental car protection.

Although a lot of these credit card protection for a rental car acts as secondary coverage. That’s why it’s important to do some preliminary research and see what kind of protection credit card companies offer.

Do You Need Insurance to Rent a Car? Short Answer Is No

Do you need insurance to rent a car? The answer is a resounding no. You don’t need insurance unless you anticipate scratching up the car.

Unless you’re an unsafe driver and you feel like there’s a lot of risk to the rental car you’re driving, you should consider avoiding rental car insurance. If you decide to pay for insurance, you now know your options and how to avoid being overcharged.

If you have questions about our car insurance, you can check out our website that provides more insight.

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