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Do I Need an SR22? 5 Common Circumstances and How You Can Check

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Your driver’s license is probably a vital instrument in your life. It’s what gives you the legal right to drive, yet you cannot legally drive if you don’t have the right auto insurance coverage.

Some drivers need a special type of auto insurance policy, though, called SR22.

SR22 is an insurance form that many states require specific drivers to have, so if you’re currently wondering, “do I need an SR22,” you should find out.

If you need it and don’t get it in time, you could lose your driving privileges.

If you’re wondering if you need SR22, it’s likely because you recently encountered a driving violation. Here are five common circumstances that lead to the need for SR22, and information to help you know how you can find out if you need it.

1. You Received a DUI or DWI Charge

One of the most severe driving charges you can incur is a DUI or DWI. Both types refer to charges that involve driving while you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

When you get your first DUI or DWI, you will likely have a better chance of being able to keep your driver’s license. However, you will probably need to carry SR22 coverage with your auto insurance policy.

If you encounter a second or third charge, you might not have the option of keeping your license. Therefore, if you need SR22 for this reason, you should avoid driving while under the influence in the future.

The court will probably let you know about this requirement, and if you have a criminal lawyer assisting you, he or she will also inform you of this obligation.

2. You Were Caught Driving Without Any Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage is a necessity if you drive a car, and driving without out can result in needing SR22. If you get pulled over and end up with a ticket for driving without insurance, you may need SR22 to keep your driver’s license.

Most states require all drivers to have auto coverage as a way of protecting innocent people. The coverage you’re required to have will provide compensation to other drivers if you cause damages to their cars or bodies from a collision.

If you don’t own a car and need SR22, you can purchase a non-owners policy. This type of policy covers you as a driver and fulfills the requirement for SR22 without offering protection over a specific vehicle.

It is very important to note that non-owners insurance is not a substitute for driving an uninsured vehicle.  All cars on the road must have liability insurance coverage.

3. You’ve Had Too Many Driving Violations

There are also times when people need an SR22 for encountering too many driving violations. Most states including Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin operate on a point system.

Each time you get a driving violation, it may add points to your license. When you reach a certain number of points, you might be required to purchase an SR22. If you do not follow through with this requirement, you will lose your driving privileges.

There are sometimes ways to reduce the points you have on your license. For example, you might be able to eliminate some points if you complete a state-approved driver’s education course.

You may still need an SR22 form, though, even if you complete a driver’s course.

4. You Were Caught Driving Without a Valid License

People also encounter times when they need SR22 because they were caught driving without a valid license. You cannot legally drive a vehicle if you don’t have a valid license. If you are caught, you can end up facing severe consequences.

One such consequence is the requirement to purchase an SR22.

If you don’t have a valid license, it may be more challenging for you to acquire an auto insurance SR22 policy.

5. You Are Labeled a High-Risk Driver

There are also certain situations where people need SR22 because they are considered a high-risk driver.


Now, it’s essential to know that not every high-risk driver will need this coverage. There are plenty of times when high-risk drivers don’t. If you suspect that you might need it, though, you should aim to find out soon.

High-risk drivers pay higher rates for coverage due to too many driving violations and at-fault auto accidents.

The result is that you will pay higher rates for your coverage, simply high-risk drivers are more likely to be involved in auto accidents.

How to Find Out, “Do I Need an SR22?”

The easiest way to find out if you need an SR22 form is by contacting your state’s motor vehicle department. They can take a look at your drivers file and let you know if SR22 is required.

If you need it, they will also give you the deadline date. This date tells you how long you have to purchase a policy. Failing to obtain an SR22 insurance policy in time will result in a loss of your driving privileges.

Additionally, by maintaining SR22 filing with our agency, we keep you informed with when your SR22 filing is completed.

How You Can Get a Quote for Auto Insurance Coverage

If you are asking, “Do I need an SR22,” and find out that you do, you’re in luck.  Insured ASAP offers SR22 as low as $19 / month.

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If you need SR22 filing, you cannot continue driving without it, so don’t wait too long to find a policy.

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