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3 Ways to Get the Cheapest Contractors Insurance Quote

3 Ways to Get the Cheapest Contractors Insurance Quote

Call (800) 641-7488 to speak with a live representative

Cheapest Contractors Insurance Quote

3 Ways to Get the Cheapest Contractors Insurance Quote

Contractors general liability insurance has become a necessary cost for all types of contractors.  Not only does it protect your business, your employees and yourself, but a certificate of liability insurance for contractors is often required to obtain jobs.  Now there are no ways around paying the premium, there are a few ways to save and receive the cheapest contractors insurance quote.

1.  Package Your Policy

Typically, contractors can save by purchasing multiple insurance policies from the same insurance company.  Savings can add up and slash a nice percentage off normal premiums.

This is especially true for independent contractors as most independent contractors carry at least two policies – contractors general liability insurance and contractors commercial auto insurance for their work van or truck.  By packaging these policies into one BOP, or business owners policy, contractors typically see savings of up to 40% in total premium.

Other insurance policies that can be packaged include workers compensation, property insurance, and commercial umbrella.

2.  Keep Up With Safety

It’s not uncommon for an insurance company to offer nice discounts for contractors that keep up with safety.  Keeping a formal safety procedure in place minimizes the risk of theft and more importantly, third-party injuries who may file a claim against your contractors insurance policy.

Reducing your insurance company’s risk is always a positive, so it’s wise to contact your agent for info on safety discounts for contractors.

3.  Talk To an Agent at Insured ASAP

One of the easiest ways to receive the cheapest contractors insurance quote is to speak to an independent agent at Insured ASAP.  We partner with dozens of insurance companies to provide affordable general liability insurance, workers compensation, commercial auto insurance coverage, etc.

When calling in for a phone quote, our licensed agents ask the necessary questions to provide low cost contractors insurance.  Our ability to quote you with multiple insurance carriers makes it easy for us to provide you with the cheapest contractors insurance quote.  Fast Certificates of Liability Insurance are available, usually within the day.

Take a couple minutes for a short phone and we’ll give you the cheapest contractors insurance quote you’ve been looking for.

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